While people spend lots of time caring for the skin around the eyes, the eyes themselves are frequently overlooked. Screen time is at an all time high across all generations and staring at screens lessens our blink rate. Blinking is how our eyes naturally moisturize themselves so simply put - everyone should be using lubricating drops so your eyes can stay hydrated, nourished, and bright. Alchemy 43’s Eye Drops enhance at-home beauty routines by offering high-performing products that beautifully complement the results of our aesthetic microtreatments.


Founder and CEO of Alchemy 43 Management Company, Nicci Levy is passionate about enhancing confidence and creating exceptional products and experiences. She has spent her entire career working in the beauty and wellness space and has over a decade of experience in Medical Aesthetics. In her role as CEO, Levy leads the strategic vision and operations for Alchemy 43. The Bright Eyes Collection has been a dream since the beginning - to revolutionize what it means to have "bright eyes" and introduce high quality eye wellness to the beauty consumer for the first time.